Meeting Notes: Resolutions & Action Items


August 30, 2017- Resolution passed by the PAC Board (in conjunction with the EF Board)

A joint meeting of the 80-20 Educational Foundation and the 80-20 PAC Board resulted in the following Resolution: "The Boards approve the talking points proposed by S.B. Woo. They are to be adopted by the organization and by Board Members in press releases and communications."

Type of Meeting:  Joint Conference call of both PAC and EF Boards; chaired by S. B. Woo through the authorization of PAC’s Executive Committee 

Present:  EF Board Members:      Henry Lee, Jing-Li Yu, S. B. Woo, Kathleen To, Wei-jing Zhu, S. K. Lo and Larry Shen 

 PAC Board Members:    Jing-Li Yu, Kathleen To, Ved Chaudhary, Piyush Agrawal, Joel Wong, Jose Esteves, George Yang, David Fan, and Tony Nakazawa

 Staff:  Stephen Lin and Pete Mauk

 Excused: Alice Huang of the EF Board; Yueh-ting Lee of PAC'mBoard

 The only actionable item was described in Woo’s email of 5:03 pm Aug. 30, 2017 to Board members.  It is to agree upon the talking points of a potential press release in reaction to the the letter sent to AG Sessions and Sec. of DoED DeVos by the the 5 Democratic Congresspersons regarding a planned investigation of a complaint filed by Yukong Zhao of AACE ( As Am Coalition on Education) against Harvard.  S. B. stated that  the purpose of passing the following motion was 2-fold.  A) So that the Boards of PAC and EF will be on the same page, and B) So that all Board members will be on the same page.

 Woo proposed the following talking points.  a) We would love an investigation by the DOJ, because there are so many UGLY facts that NO ONE has disputed, including the offices of the 8 Ivy college presidents,

b) However, we agree with the 5 Dems that we hope that it is not to reverse the emphasis of diversity, whether racial or socio-economic.  REMEMBER that our position is NOT identical with that of Blum and/or AACE.

c) Give the background info on 80-20 Initiative:  by far the the largest …, ;  non-partisan but in the past has either endorsed or "endorsed with reservation" Dem presidential candidates since 2000.  But on this issue of college admissions, we are truly unhappy with the Dem party for completely ignoring the UGLY facts on discrimination agains AsAm youth.  If the Dems. don’t change, we may go the other way in the next presidential election and in the 2018 mid-year elections.

The above was approved unanimously by all Board Members present, without a single dissenting or abstaining vote. 

The conference call was adjourned at 9:10 pm EDT

 Respectfully submitted by S. B. Woo in the absence of Alice Huang, who is the Secretary of 80-20 Educational Foundation

August 15, 2017- Motion passed unanimously by the PAC Board:

"Within a week after this motion is passed, all PAC board members will print out and mail two copies of the "The Ugly Facts on Discrimination Against Asian American Youths" newsletter to two print media in their areas and states of residence. Once this is done, S B Woo will be notified with the names and contact info of these media."

Board Members present (on a voice conference call) and voting were: Kathleen To, Yin-long Qiu, Jing-li Yu, Piyush Agrawal, Ved Chaudry, Jose Estevez, David Fan, Yueh-Ting Lee, Tony Nakazawa, Joel Wong, and George Yang. 

April 6. 2017- Resolution passed by a vote of the PAC Board

It is Resolved that Dr. S. B. Woo and Ms. Katy Woo of 5 Farmhouse Rd, Newark, DE 19711 be removed as the owners of PNC bank account #5603439525, controlled by the 80-20 Political Action Committee, and that the new owner be named as Mr. Yin-Long Qiu of 1512 Riverwood Drive, Ann Arbor, MI, 48103.